Prams for Twins

Prams for Twins

Double Trouble: Buying The Right Pram For Twins

Twins are a definite blessing—but they’re also going to require a little bit of extra work and special preparation, and that’s doubly true when it comes to finding the right pram! You’re going to want something comfortable, easy to use, and not too much of a hassle when it comes to storage—but what does that mean exactly? Read on to find out, with our guide for buying the right pram for twins.

Side By Side

A side-by-side pram is one where both seats are located directly next to each other—and typically, you should also be looking for one where both of the seats can be reclined independently. This option will be essential for twin newborns—as it will allow you to recline both seats fully and keep the babies in the ideal flat position.

Beyond that, the biggest advantage of the side-by-side is that it’s easy to look at and monitor both newborns at once, making it great for peace of mind! However, they can be wide and heavy, making them less than ideal when it comes to manoeuvrability—especially over long distances and through tight areas such as doorways and supermarkets.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to save space, there is the option of a tandem pram, where one seat is in front of the other, this is especially useful if you’re going to be navigating narrow spaces. However, because it presents a limited view from the back, you may need to swap the children’s positions regularly.

Finding The Right Size

Because double prams are often bulky and wide or long—checking all the measurements of the size you’re getting is absolutely vital. You’ll need to make sure that you can fit the pram into the vehicle you drive or any public transport you use, and that it can travel easily in all the destinations you’ll be going with it: such as supermarkets and high streets. You will also make sure that the weight—including both babies—is comfortable for you to handle and lift downstairs or kerbs if required.

Wheels And Brakes

As double prams can be difficult to manoeuvre, getting the right wheels and brakes is even more important. If you’re going to be frequently navigating kerbs and stairs, larger wheels will make them easier to manage. While if you’re prioritising comfort, inflatable wheels will provide a smoother ride. Finally, if you’re looking for something that’s easier to manoeuvre, opt for swivelling front wheels.

For brakes, look for rear brakes that are linked on both wheels, and try and get a feel for how well they work first by applying them and pushing the handle. Brakes that are foot-operated can be easier to use, provided you make sure you can access them easily when pushing the pram.

Backrests And Footrests

The versatility of your pram will depend on the range of movement and options the backrest provides—a three-position adjustment will offer the most versatility, and one that can be fully reclined will be perfect for when you want your babies to be able to get some sleep. A footrest is a requisite safety option, one that will ensure your children’s feet don’t get caught touching the ground or in the front wheel of the pram.